Shopping & General Store

General Store

The 2021 season will be 3/5/21 to 1/2/22. Hours are 9am - 6pm. 

Our General Store is conveniently located just off of Sunrise Point and near the North Campground. Guests can take a break for a snack or meal on the rustic front porch or a nearby picnic table.

We serve grab-and-go hot and cold foods prepared on site daily from fresh ingredients, such as slices of pizza, salads and sandwiches. The grocery has a selection of fresh, frozen and canned items as well as soda, water and beer.

Campers can find emergency equipment and supplies, from split wood and cooking fuel to candles and tarps, and hikers can pick up socks, rain ponchos, clothing or maps. Park souvenirs like tee-shirts, postcards and water bottles are also available. Guests can take advantage of our shower and laundry services during regular operating hours 9 am - 6 pm

In addition to having camping supplies and groceries, guests can also purchase coffee, tea, ice cream, pizza slices, and home-made sandwiches. Our grab-and-go food is prepared on-site using fresh ingredients. Our comfortable front porch provides table-and-chair seating, and picnic benches are also located nearby.

Gift Shop

Our expansive Gift Shop, located just off of the lobby of the main lodge, is a showcase for Utah and Native American artists. Our managing company, Forever Resorts, has a long-standing partnership with both. We sell exquisite one-of-a-kind jewelry, glass, hand-carved Kachinas, animal fetishes, pottery, and rugs. We also offer gift and decorative accessories made in Utah and also feature a unique selection of souvenirs inspired by the Bryce Canyon region. Guests can purchase souvenirs from our large assortment of items like tee-shirts, postcards, water bottles, mugs, and key chains, and necessities like aspirin. Also available is Bryce Canyon inspired clothing like windbreakers, hats, and jackets. 

The Gift Shop will be closed for the 2021 season. Gift-shop-type items are available to purchase at the General Store.

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