Explore Bryce Canyon

Our Visitor Center
Obtain driving and hiking directions, weather forecasts, a current schedule of Park Ranger guided programs, Junior Ranger booklets, and information on area services including lodging, dining and other attractions. While at the Visitor Center you will want to see our new awarding-winning film entitled "Shadows of Time." The film is 20-minutes long and plays on the hour and half hour throughout the day. Remember to take the time and explore our museum and peruse the bookstore.

Walk the Canyon Rim
Stroll along the rim of the Bryce Amphitheater to enjoy the incredible vistas and this unique geologic phenomena.

Enjoy a Scenic Drive
Jump on our shuttle to see the park while you drive to Sunrise, Sunset, Inspiration and other Bryce viewpoints.

Take a Nature Hike
No matter where you hike, the stunning landscape changes and awe inspiring geologic details will leave you forever changed.

Take a Horseback Tour
Take a wrangler-guided horseback or muleback ride on a 2 or 4-hour trip into beautiful Bryce canyon.

Cross country Ski and Snowshoe
In winter, snowshoe or cross country ski the plateau top. Rental cross country ski equipment and snowshoes are available outside the park.

NPS Ranger Guided Day Hikes and Programs in Bryce Canyon Amphitheater:
Ever wonder why the rocks are red? Where we got the name hoodoo? What's a deer's favorite food? Well, you're not alone. The magic of Bryce Canyon sparks the imagination and wonder in park rangers as well as visitors. Spend a few minutes or a few hours with the Rangers as they share what they've learned about your national park. Ranger programs are a great way to expand your exploration of Bryce Canyon National Park. They're free too!

Bryce Canyon National Park offers several day-hiking trails. Because many of these are interconnected, the most popular hikes are combinations of two or more of these basic trails. The hiking trails are divided into three categories of difficulty: easy, moderate and strenuous.

Geology Hikes
Join a park ranger for a hike down into the heart of the Bryce Amphitheater. See slot canyons from inside. Enjoy face to face encounters with hoodoos. Immerse yourself in a labyrinth of breathtaking views and engaging stories about all that surrounds you.

Walk the Canyon Rim
Great views, fascinating plant and wildlife stories, a touch of geology, a smattering of cultural history - what more could you want? Join a park ranger for an overview of Bryce Canyon as you stroll along the rim of the Bryce Amphitheater.

Full Moon Hikes
The moonlit exploration of our hoodoos is Bryce Canyon's most popular event. Many plan their vacations around these ranger guided activities. Group size is limited to 30 people and in-person reservations can only be made at the visitor center the morning of the intended hike.

Snowshoe Hikes
Winter at Bryce is unique.You are treated to a crystal blue sky, solitude and most years, enough snow for snowshoeing. Accompany a park ranger for a snowshoe hike and they'll supply the snowshoes. Learn about the winter ecology of our park and how hoodoos are the product of the winter struggle between ice and sun.

Geology Talks
Geologists have spent years studying the unique story of Bryce Canyon. Spend a half hour with a ranger as we discuss the current scientific explanation behind Bryce Canyon's unique geologic history. The visitor center offers topics, start times and locations.
Family Programs
All of Bryce Canyon's ranger programs are family friendly, but these in particular are fun for kids and parents alike. Rangers present a wide range of programs appealing to a variety of interests. The visitor center can provide program topics and age requirements. In person reservations required. Sign up at the visitor center.

Evening Programs
Evening programs offer an in-depth look at some of the compelling stories and interesting resources that Bryce Canyon protects. The visitor center offers topics, start times and locations.
Astronomy Programs
Join a park ranger for a celebration of Bryce Canyon's unparalleled night sky. In this last grand sanctuary of natural darkness you can see stars like few places on Earth!

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